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Our Story

Adoption of experiences in multi-culture country and long-time understanding in Asian-fusion culinary, professional chefs, Chef Fery Jong, and Pastry Chef Kim Pangestu created their own idea of comfort in Nomz Kitchen & Pastry along with a team of creatives, building a casual dining experience altogether.

With careful selection of both local and imported ingredients and blend of international skills and traditional method, Nomz Kitchen & Pastry brings back the vibes of Australia’s upmarket cafes capturing comfortable ambience with the best of fresh-made foods from brunch to dinner and finest quality of desserts reflected in modern palates of comfort foods. 

Ferry Jong

Kim Pangestu

We strive to keep the brain and the heart creative, being updated and open to new innovation and perspective. Our aim of managing this restaurant is to express ourselves in the work of art, mainly through culinary, in which often inspired by many other aspects in life: travel, technique, history, nature, people, and even our own experiences. We work together to find the right balance of innovation while still leaving a nostalgia in each of our guests heart.

Our vision in more years to come, is to see ourselves in not only creating good foods and a home for everyone, but also a place where people can share each other’s creativity.